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"As someone who had never tried Reiki before, I was astounded at how well this peaceful and healing therapy works, During a very challenging time in my life, Krishna’s Reiki sessions provided me with great healing, comfort and well-being. Every week I look forward to my session knowing the great benefits that I receive – physically mentally and emotionally. Krishna has seen me through a very difficult time and her warmth and compassion coupled with her level of professionalism, has made this an experience I would recommend to anyone."

– Judy

"Highly recommended. Loved this place. Very nice settings and friendly staff."

– Lisa

"Krishna opens my eyes when she gave me a 5 min Reiki experience in a shop in Olinda, I have to go see her again because I've experienced something I've never felt before, something open's up in me. After I had a proper Reiki treatment, I felt a big relief in my chest, and had a good night sleep without haunting by nightmares in a very long time. The best thing is everyday improves, I feel I can find inner peace. Krishna's warmth and compassion helps me understand myself a lot. Her professionalism let me know how to get along with myself and be just me. It's a very sweet and special journey to met her, feeling very lucky!"

– Eve

"I see Krishna for Reiki Treatment on a regular basis to help me maintain my emotional, physical Mental and Spiritual health. Reiki is so beautiful with the lovely Krishna I feel so different afterwards – so calm after relaxing and releasing the tension in my mind and body.  Thank you, beautiful Krishna, for your love, kindness and generosity."

– Jacinta

"I had such a good experience today, learning about Reiki. I look forward to visiting again. Thanks Krishna."

– Sam

"Through the Life Balance Mentoring sessions I attended with Krishna I found the program so relevant to my life and loved the self - assessment to determine the areas that I needed to work on , such as the emotional road blocks and discovered that I have a larger circle of support to draw on when needed . It is wonderful that I get the opportunity to review the Life Balance guidance plan on a regular basis to make sure that my goals and aspiration are still being met. I have my Life Balance plan displayed as a reminder of how far I have come in my journey of self- awareness. I use all of the tools that Krishna provided me to me into all aspects of my life to keep me safe and happy."

– Jacinta

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