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Krishna is an Accredited Reiki Treatment Practitioner-Master/Teacher and a member with Reiki Australia. Krishna wishes to share this universal energy healing with everyone, as she knows the benefits first hand. While suffering a chronic illness, she received Reiki healing which changed her life.

What Krishna loves about providing Reiki (Usui Method of Natural Healing) to a client is the subtle exchange of universal energy. The client automatically draws the Reiki energy releasing blockages in the energy centers (Chakras) which balance the body, mind and spirit. It is a gentle relaxing (hands on or above your body healing where you are fully clothed) experience where every person has a unique connection with the universal energy called Reiki.


You get to experience first-hand this amazing exchange of Reiki healing that was founded in Japan and handed down by Master Mikao Usui to heal and transform lives.


Reiki sessions: $95 for 90 min, or $125 for 2 hrs. available in person


Distant Reiki or Reiki guided self-healing is available online by request

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